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Chakra Balancing

The Chakras are energy centers that exist within our body and energy field. The word chakra originates from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel. We have lots of these energy centers, but there are seven major chakras located in our physical body that directly relate to the nervous system and the glands of the endocrine system as well as some bodily functions. These seven chakras are located on the spine and they play a large role in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Each chakra has its own colour and frequency and they spin.  When blocks occur in our chakras often as a result of negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions, we fall out of balance and depending on where the block occurs, our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing suffers.  In order for us to lead a balanced and healthy life these chakras need to be balanced and protected.


The following chart offers some basic and general information about the feelings that we experience when our chakras are in balance and out of balance.  Do bare in mind that these emotional and mental imbalances can lead to a whole host of physical symptoms too.



Chakra In Balance Out of Balance

Root or Base

Confident, Safe and Secure, Grounded, Trusting,  courageous, ability to manifest that which you desire

Insecure, fearful, frustrated, and anxious. 


Creative, Resourceful, Accepting, Friendly, emotionally balanced, sexual energy and relationships are balanced.

Emotionally out of balance, manipulative, obsessive, over or under stimulated. 

Solar Plexus

Sense of control, willpower, empowered, high self esteem, inner belief and inner strength, self respect, harmonious, joyful  and peaceful.

Lack of confidence, confused, worrisome depressed.


Love unconditionally, compassionate, friendly, empathic, nurturing, able to share and give and receive love.

Indecisive, paranoid, feeling unworthy of love, fearful of being hurt or letting go, feeling sorry for yourself. 


Ability to speak your truth and be comfortable , balanced, centered and creatively inspired.

Hold back, unable to express yourself, timid, quiet, feeling weak and uncomfortable

Third Eye

Intuitive, assertive, clear in your self and able to create and manifest your higher purpose, psychic ability.

Passive, egotistic, fearful of success. Disconnected from true self.


Divinely connected, oneness, wisdom, harmony on all levels, connected to your higher self, enlightened.

Frustration, no sense of joy, despairing and destructive.



Chakra balancing is about restoring balance and releasing blocks and imbalances in your energy that can cause dis-ease and unwanted emotions, bringing body, mind and spirit into  harmony. Chakra Balancing is not about an instant cure, it is about total wellbeing. 


There are many ways in which we can balance the chakras, Katherine can use  one of the following approaches:


Crystal Pendulum

Rainbow Light Healing System



Katherine provides feedback on the session and suggestions for maintaining healthy balanced chakras.



If you require a distance chakra balancing session click here.







 This healing is in no way intended to replace or be a substitute for any medical procedures, medical care, diagnosis or medical treatment but rather an addition to your overall well-being. I am not a medical provider of any type and do not, under any circumstance, diagnose, cure or treat in any way medical conditions, illnesses, or diseases nor do I suggest replacing the treatment of a medical doctor.


 Energy healing, Reiki and Chakra Balancing techniques are not about bringing an instant cure, and Katherine does not promise a cure. These healing sessions are about restoring balance and releasing blocks and imbalances in your energy that cause dis-ease and unwanted emotions, so that your body, mind and spirit are in harmony. Reiki is about total wellbeing.

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