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Distance Healing

The wonderful benefits of healing know no boundaries and they can be sent to any person, animal, event, challenge, goal, or place anywhere in the world. Distance Reiki is just as effective as a hands on healing.


Katherine offers a variety of Distance Healing approaches. There are single and multiple healing options, simply choose the Distance Healing option below that best suits your current need. Click here for Healing for pets.


Katherine is simply the conduit for these energies, and as such payment is simply for Katherine's time.  If you have a limited income please contact Katherine to see what she can do to assist you.






Options for Reiki:


Single Distance Reiki Session (including feedback) - $40 Per Person Order Now


These single session options are good when you would like help dealing with certain events, stresses and short term concerns or when you just need a boost.



4 Distance Healing Sessions spread over a minimum of 4 weeks  - $120 per person Order Now


These intensive options are beneficial when your going through a stressful time or dealing with a challenging situation, experiencing a period of illness or undergoing surgery or some other medical procedure/treatment.



Distance Reiki Healing for Home or office - $40 Order Now


Katherine can send Reiki to your home and cleanse any unwanted energies and fill it with love and light





Angelic Expressions


Options for Angelic Expressions:


Single Distance Healing Session - $40 Per Person Order Now


4 Distance Healing Sessions spread over a minimum of 4 weeks - $120 per person Order Now


Please give details of your intentions for healing on the healing request form after payment so that Katherine can intune which Archangels would be of the greatest  benefit to you.





Rainbow Light Healing System


Options for Rainbow Light Healing System:


Single Distance Healing Session - $40 Per Person Order Now


4 Distance Healing Sessions spread over a minimum of 4 weeks - $120 per person Order Now





Chakra Balancing with a Crystal Pendulum 


Options for Chakra Balancing:


Single Distance Healing Session - $60 Per Person Order Now


4 Distance Healing Sessions spread over a minimum of 4 weeks - $200 per person Order Now






Katherine will send Healing to anyone under the age of 18 so long as she has the parent or guardians permission to do so. It is important that if you are requesting healing for someone other than yourself that they are aware and willing to receive it, the only times that Katherine is willing to send healing to someone who has not authorized it if it is for a baby or young child, a family pet or for someone who is for health reason incapable of seeking help. If the healing is for a child and they have the ability to understand it is a good idea to ask them if they would like it and if so to ask them how they feel after receiving the healing.


Please note that after payment has been received you will be transferred to a Healing Request Form which you need to complete in order for Katherine to send the healing. For distance healing your full name, location and date of birth will be needed. If there is something in particular that you wish the healing for or further information you feel is relevant you will have an opportunity to include this in the request form.





The Process


It is preferable, although not essential, for you rest whilst the healing is being sent as it allows the body to fully experience the healing without any distractions. However Katherine understands that this is not always feasible so rest assured you will receive the healing regardless and that it will go to where it is most needed. You may be aware of certain sensations, thoughts and feelings when the healing is sent, just be open to the experience. It is better to not hold on to any expectations, just know that everything that needs to happen at that time will. If you are not aware of any sensations when the healing is being sent that is perfectly fine too, everyone is an individual and there is no right or wrong way to experience Energy Healing.


After receiving healing you need to expect your body to detoxify. It is a good idea to drink lots of water as this will help with the cleansing. A sea salt bath is also very cleansing and beneficial. You may experience various physical sensations in your body during, after and in the days following your healing. There may very well be changes on a emotional and psychological level as well. Awareness on all levels of your being plays an important part in achieving wellness, so observe yourself, your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, symptoms and concerns. Katherine will email you after the healing has been sent and also a few days later to see how you are getting on, what changes you have observed, how she can best assist you and to answer any questions you may have.







This healing is in no way intended to replace or be a substitute for any medical procedures, medical care, diagnosis or medical treatment but rather an addition to your overall well-being. I am not a medical provider of any type and do not, under any circumstance, diagnose, cure or treat in any way medical conditions, illnesses, or diseases nor do I suggest replacing the treatment of a medical doctor.


Energy healing, Reiki and Chakra Balancing techniques are not about bringing an instant cure, and Katherine does not promise a cure. These healing sessions are about restoring balance and releasing blocks and imbalances in your energy that cause dis-ease and unwanted emotions, so that your body, mind and spirit are in harmony. Reiki is about total wellbeing.


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