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Reiki is a wonderful and safe complementary healing approach for animals as well as people. Reiki means ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ and it is this energy which exists in and around all living things. This energy flow is vital to the wellbeing of all animals and when it becomes low or blocked, illness or dis-ease can occur. Reiki is a very safe and gentle, yet powerful technique that works to restore the bodies’ normal energy flow. This in turn is thought to stimulate the bodies’ natural healing ability, release stress, calm the mind and cleanse and bring balance to the body. Reiki can help your animal with:


Physical issues and injuries and Post-operative care - Reiki is a great compliment alongside mainstream medical approaches to help bring comfort, stimulate the body’s own healing ability and shorten recovery times.


Emotional issues, sensitivities and traumas (past or present) – Reiki can help to reduce stress, release blocked emotions, anxiety and fear and help your animal feel more relaxed, balanced and content.


Behavioural issues and times of transition – Reiki can help to calm your pet, release stress and help them feel more relaxed.


Palliative Care – if your pet is dying Reiki can help them to be more comfortable, relaxed and at peace during this transition.



Reiki is suitable for all animals and can be done in person and via distance, however often distance sessions are the most beneficial with animals, especially if they are anxious, fearful or going through some transition. Distance sessions are just as effective as hands on sessions and all Katherine needs is the name, DOB (where possible), location and a photo (if possible) to help her connect with your animal’s energy.




Reiki for Animals


Options for Animal Reiki:


Single Distance Reiki Session  - $40 per Animal Order Now


These single session options are good when you feel your animal needs a boost to help them dealing with certain events, stresses short term concerns.



One Distance Reiki Healing a week for 4 consecutive weeks - $120 per Animal Order Now


These intensive options are beneficial when your animal is going through a stressful time or dealing with a challenging situation, experiencing a period of illness or undergoing surgery or some other medical procedure/treatment.










This healing is in no way intended to replace or be a substitute for any medical procedures, medical care, diagnosis or medical treatment but rather an addition to your overall well-being. I am not a medical provider of any type and do not, under any circumstance, diagnose, cure or treat in any way medical conditions, illnesses, or diseases nor do I suggest replacing the treatment of a medical doctor.


Energy healing, Reiki and Chakra Balancing techniques are not about bringing an instant cure, and Katherine does not promise a cure. These healing sessions are about restoring balance and releasing blocks and imbalances in your energy that cause dis-ease and unwanted emotions, so that your body, mind and spirit are in harmony. Reiki is about total wellbeing.

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