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My husband is in his early thirties and has suffered from arthritis since childhood. Recently, my husband and I began to accept Healing from Katherine. This has been a phenomenal and eye-opening experience for both of us. Katherine has been able to intuitively identify areas of each of our bodies that cause us pain and has offered gentle and effective healing. Over the past few weeks, my husband not only found significant reprieve from the pain, increased mobility and more restful sleep, but also hope for his future. As well, Katherine has been a wealth of information, offering thorough explanations of the various healing methods she used during our sessions and answering all of our questions. We are so grateful to Katherine and her wonderful healing abilities and gentle spirit.



I really do feel it’s helping…now looking forward to going away this week…I would NEVER of done that before! I feel I have the energy to cope and just deal with it! Where as I haven’t for a long time…So needless to say, thank you!



Being someone who has suffered from back problems for several years, I was somewhat unsure of what Reiki was, and how it could help me, but I was pleasantly surprised at the immediate improvement I felt!



I would like to express my gratitude towards Katherine. She is a very positive and energetic soul, her intuition helped me to find out more about my self, my own energy and my own health.

The Reiki that Katherine has sent me over the last months has been a positive experience, I can feel a difference physically and spiritually. I started my long distance Reiki treatment with Katherine last year and it worked for me from the beginning, it was a very positive experience. Later I had the opportunity to attend in person a Reiki session with Katherine and it was wonderful experience. Katherine is always researching and she sends me from time to time some articles or notes that may benefit my spiritual journey.

I feel lucky to have her in the path of my life.



This is the best I have felt in a long time, thank you!



Thank you so much for sending the healing. My son slept good last night (for the first time in a long time), and he has actually been able to progress today. He seemed happier and more at peace. In my heart I do feel that the healing gave him a much-needed boost and I just want you to know how much I sincerely appreciate it.



I had so much more energy the next morning and I was a lot more positive about things. I began a cleansing diet, started exercising, and really feel the Universe supporting me. Thank you!



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